September 4, 2013 – CSI Powerline, a provider of manpower and expertise for all phases of power delivery construction projects for firms in the U.S. and Canada, is now a client of Field Dailies. Field Dailies automates the transmission and receiving of field reports and closeout documents for the power delivery and telecommunications construction industry.

Jim Duff, Field Dailies Founder, is especially proud of providing CSI Powerline the right field data solution for their business.

“CSI Powerline works with construction firms in both the U.S. and in Canada,” Duff said. “By using Field Dailies, CSI Powerline can automate the transmission and receiving of all of their field reports throughout the company. Our field data solutions are perfect for CSI Powerline’s needs.”

In addition to providing field data solutions to multinational companies, Field Dailies can also customize their products to a company’s needs.

“We can provide data solutions to a variety of construction businesses, no matter the size of the company.” Duff said. “We use a customized approach with all of our clients, like CSI Powerline, and find the right data solution for them.”

About Field Dailies

Field Dailies offers field data solutions and document storage for the construction industry. Field Dailies automates the transmission and receiving of all field reports and closeout documents and can be uniquely tailored to your business needs. The company site, www.fieldmanagement.us, offers secure online subscription to services and online payment options. A free demo of services can be requested from the site.

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