Field Dailies’ Biggest Client Provides Glowing Customer Testimonial

August 21, 2013 – Paragon, a telecommunications site development company in Shreveport, La., is the largest client of Field Dailies. Field Dailies automates the transmission and receiving of all field reports and closeout documents for the telecommunications construction industry. Recently, Paragon offered a testimonial about Field Dailies.

Mike Corbell, director of construction at Paragon, provided the testimonial.

“Field Dailies has totally revolutionized the way we track our field crews and projects. The file upload features allows our crews to transmit closeout documents in real time right from the field,” Corbell said. “The office now has real time information in real time formats including job status, materials used, etc. The report allows us to track “out of scope work” directly from the report rather than chasing down crew leads and CM’s.”

Corbell said Paragon also found Field Dailies provided the option to track job costs.

“Additionally, with the ability to export information, we are utilizing the Field Dailies program to provide labor hours and materials used for our job cost,” Corbell said.

“We’re proud of the relationship we’ve had with Paragon for the past two years,” Field Dailies Founder Jim Duff said. “We believe the ability to accurately collect field report data and report it in real time is important to business success.”

About Field Dailies

Field Dailies offers field data solutions and document storage for the construction industry. Field Dailies automates the transmission and receiving of all field reports and closeout documents and can be uniquely tailored to your business needs. The company site,, offers secure online subscription to services and online payment options. A free demo of services can be requested from the site.

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