It has become an indispensable system for field reporting

Field Dailies is a great reporting tool that we have been using most of this year for field reports.  It has become an indispensable system for field reporting.  Everybody likes it - our techs, our customers, and our management.  Easy to use, and reports are populated nearly instantly, with notification emails sent out to all managers.  In particular, it is very good as a repository for all field reports, with each report being easily accessible long after the job has been completed - by market, by tech, and by date.  In that respect we use it frequently to track COR's for billing purposes.  Much better than e-mails, attachments, and verbal reports that are difficult to track and very cumbersome to retrieve when we need them.  TAM would recommend this system to all operators and field teams who want to keep things straight and accurate, and save a lot of time throughout the process.

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