VZW Generator Maintenance Process




1. Work Request

A. Callout through PATLive

B. Work request through Field Dailies

C. Work request made through email


2. Job Setup

A. Trace creates job in FD

1. SOW milestone

2. Budget Milestone

3. POR Milestone

4. TSC invoice Milestone

B. Work is scheduled with the VZW tech and tracked through FD


3. Sub Contractor Invoice

A. Budget is created and sent to Alicia

B. POR is created and sent to VZW

C. All milestones are updated in FD

D. Sub submits FD

E. Trace sends each VZW tech and site manager the FD report

4. Recommended Work Requires PO from TSC

A. Sub submits a quote

B. TSC markes up sub quote

C. TSC submits POR to VZW for approval

D. TSC issues sub PO for approved POR


5. PO Received from VZW

A. Alicia is told to invoice once the PO is received.

B. Trace updates all milestones in FD

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